Why would anyone buy your product or service?

As a business owner, this is one of the first questions you should answer to yourself sincerely. I have heard a couple of answers to this particular question and some of them sound like this:

  • People should buy my product because it is the cheapest available in the market.
  • My product or service is the best quality you can get.
  • I offer the best value for money or return on investment.
  • My product or service is the most unique.
  • I offer the best aftersales service in my industry.

The above reasons are great and would definitely form part of the ‘justification’ for buying your product or service, but are they the real reason why people buy from you?

How people make a buying decision

Think of one item you have bought recently, preferably something special or something you would consider a bit of an investment. Let me give you some pointers; the new pair of snickers, a wrist watch, mobile phone, handbag, sunglasses, human hair, jeans, internet modem etc Why did you buy that item? Why did you buy that brand? Let me guess?

  1. Because you saw the advert: you might have seen the advert on a billboard, or TV, in a magazine or even on the internet. The advert came alive to you; it called your name and told you it was best for you!Buy images
  1. Your friend or colleague told you about it: you saw a friend or colleague using it and they raved about it. They were enjoying it so much and getting so much value and you wanted to enjoy the same value so you bought your own!
  1. You read a review about it: you visited a site where the product or service was being displayed and you read the reviews and by the fifth review, you were convinced two of you were meant to be!Mobile phone for buying
  1. You liked the person selling it: the sales person that introduced it to you was nice, or friendly or helpful or beautiful or well behaved and you knew that if you bought from that person, you would be getting the best deal!

Those are a few examples of why you made that choice or choose to buy the product or services. And sincerely none of those examples have much to do with logic; a lot of them have to do with the emotional appeal of the product or service.

So to answer the first question, ‘Why would anyone buy your product or service?’ the answer is most likely because you appeal to them emotionally. Research has shown that people buy emotionally and find a logically reason to justify it. They buy because the product or service touches an emotion.

In a future article, I would write about the emotions that motivate people to buy, but for now really think about the question and find ways in which your product would appeal emotionally to your target customer.

Cheers to your selling success!

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