Three fundamental keys to sales success: A.E.C

As a sales professionals or business owners, we are always on the lookout for ways to get more customers and sell more so we can increase revenues and meet our target. In today’s digital age with a lot of noise, we have to do more work to get our voice and message heard by the right people, which have led to the importance of these three fundamental keys to ensure sales success.

The keys are:

1. Attract: your marketing activity should focused on creating awareness and getting the attention of the right people. You have to clearly define your target market and come up with marketing plans to reach them across multiple channels. Some of these channels could be online engagement via social media and websites, offline engagement via events, seminars and tradeshows. Whatever activity you engage in, make sure you are targeting the right people.

2. Engage: after you have done a good job of attracting the right pool of people, the next step is to engage them and warm them up to your brand or business. Content is the key vehicle for engagement in today’s digital world. You can engage them through articles (Like I am doing now), videos or content rich live events that would benefit them and increase their affinity to your brand.

3. Convert: Once you have properly engaged your prospect, then it’s time to make an offer and convert them into paying clients. Your conversion process should be geared at encouraging the customers to buy with as little resistance as possible. This could be through phone calls, emails or physical meetings.

Each of these processes has various layers that need to be deepened, but the key is to make it repetitive, do more of what is working and adjust what is not working and you would be on the winning side of sales success.

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