These three success habits changed my life

I have enjoyed reading biographies since I was a little girl.  I remember reading the biography of Queen Amina, and I was so inspired that a woman in that generation was so courageous and visible. My love for reading the stories of successful people still lingers, but as I grow older, I am learning to look within to find my own success pathway and in going through this process, I have discovered my assignment and the habits that are shaping me into the person I am becoming each day.

I started practicing these habits I am going to share unconsciously and when I went through seasons of success and seasons of failure, I started to pin point what steps I took during those seasons and these habits emerged and have become my conscious practice. I have always being passionate about impacting knowledge and this has shown up in every career or business that I have done. That is why it was natural for me to transition to becoming a business coach& consultant.
However I am more passionate about sharing these habits with you because I have an assignment to ‘raise a new generation of spiritually conscious entrepreneurs who would bring about change and transformation’. As a spirit led entrepreneur, these are my top success habits:

  1. Visualization

This is the ability to see things through the eyes of your mind. It is the ability to form mental images and perceive them as reality. Robin Sharma said: everything is created twice, first in the mind and then in reality. Napoleon Hill said: whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. The Bible says: the things that are seen are created by the things that are not seen. All these illustrate the power of visualization.
When I get an inspiration or revelation of something I desire, I start to visualize it in my mind. Sometimes when I am finding it hard to paint the picture in my mind, I get an actual picture of it and put the image before me to help my mind see it clearer. Every time we have events like the Business side of Fashion event which myself and some wonderful people organized for 5 years; I always spend time visualizing a full hall with excited participants and I have always being blessed to see it happen in reality. I must confess that I have been visualizing some things for the last couple of years that are yet to come to pass, but I still keep them before me in my Vision board. This brings me to the next habit:

  1. Confession

Once my mind conceives an idea, a product, a business or a vision, I translate it into a confession; some people call this an affirmation. This is the process of repeatedly acknowledging that something is true or has happened. I like confessions because you are not hoping something would happen; you are speaking about it like it has happened. Scientific research has shown that the mind receives confession or affirmations as reality and our words shape our world. That’s why we have to be very careful what we say and how we say it. When I desire a certain outcome in life, I focus on confessing and affirming that outcome as if it is my reality.

I have learnt that you can’t successfully confess what you don’t believe, that is why as a Christian I try to get scriptural backing to give me the confidence that what I confess is  going to be my reality. So after I visualize my desired/inspired outcome, I start confessing the results I want.
This is applicable not just in business, but in every area of your life. I remember one of our events when a certain high profile speaker was proving difficult and reluctant to accept our invitation, I got a conviction that she would come, so I began to visualize her speaking in the event and I began to confess it. It was a great blessing to see it actually happen! So now the final step:

  1. Action

No matter how much you visualize and confess, nothing happens if you don’t take action. I have learnt not to take action ‘blindly’ but at the same time, I have learnt that my Faith is made a reality by my action steps. Someone said ‘vision without action is a daydream and action without vision is a nightmare’. Pablo Picasso said: ‘Action is the foundational key to all successes. Tony Robin said: ‘the pathway to success is to take massive determined action’.

My sister said to me last week; you know you are a doer, I smiled because I was not always a doer, I was once only a dreamer. I wrote about this in my Salestar emails about how I went from dreamer to doer. I realized that the success and impact I desired to achieve would not come by sitting on the sidelines and complaining about what I did not have. It would come by getting up and making the best of what God had given me.

This also applies to you. And I have decided to take my assignment to ‘raise a new generation of spiritually conscious entrepreneurs that would bring about change and transformation more seriously’ by starting a business Mastermind coaching group. In the book ‘Think and grow rich’; Napoleon hill spoke about the power of having a Master mind group of people who had similar aspirations and came together to inspire themselves to achieve their goals. This group would be a learning, development and brainstorming group.

I would like to give an open invitation to 10 PEOPLE to join my Mastermind coaching group. I believe for 10 serious minded, focused people who are ready to take their lives and businesses to the next level. It can only be people living inLAGOS, NIGERIA for now because we would have live meetings once a month starting in October.

This email is going out to over 1,000(one thousand) people, so  if you want to join, please CLICK THIS LINK and sign up immediately as I am not able to accommodate more than 10 people in this inner group. I believe every member of this inner group would experience a quantum leap in their lives and businesses.

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I am here to serve you in this journey to creating the business and life that you love and I would try to write you these personal emails every other week.

Yours in Love and Service,
‘Tale Alimi
Lead Coach& Consultant

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