Let the real customers please stand up!

—How to reach and attract your ideal customer

As business owners, getting customers is our top priority and sometime we only remember to decide which kind of customers we want to work with when we have experienced a difficult or unappreciative customer. In my last article, read here I described who your ideal customer is. Now I am going to write a bit more about how to reach and attract your ideal customer.

  1. Develop an ideal customer avatar: this is a graphic description of your ideal customer. If you can find a picture of how the person or organization would look, that’s a good start. Your avatar should describe your customer demographics; age, gender, education, income level, ethnicity etc. it should also capture their psychographics; social class, lifestyle and personality. You should also do this for as much class of customers as you have. For example, my ideal client avatar for salestar is in two categories; business owners who want to grow their business revenues and professionals who want to improve their selling skills to generate more revenues. Here are a few profiles:Customer avatar pix

‘My ideal customer avatar for business owners: my ideal customer is an educated creative entrepreneur who started their business in the last 10 years. She is very talented and knows that her products and services would be appreciated if she can get it to the right people at the right price. Her current customers have become fans to her products so she is confident she has a good offering.

She would like to reach more people, make more money, finally take more vacations and not have to work so hard. She is happy to have found salestaronline.com and believes she would get the needed information; programs and advice she needs to grow her business revenues and live the life she desires.’

 ‘My ideal customer avatar for professional: my ideal customer is a sales or client relations professional who is responsible for growing his company’s revenues and bringing in new business. He likes the challenge and is excited to go out and meet his targets. He sometimes struggles with what to do next, how to deal with opposition and rejection and still manage his boss’s expectations. He wants to get the right tools, information, programs and be part of a community that would help him grow and achieve his career goals of earning money for his company and himself.’


  1. Discover where you would find this people: Now that you have properly described your ideal customer, it should be easy for you to discover where to find them. What groups do they belong? Where do they hang out? What conferences, seminars do they attend? For example, because I want to reach sales professionals, I know most professionals ‘hang out’ on linked in.
  1. Go where they are: After you have discovered where they are either online or offline, go where they are so you can reach them. Since professionals as described above are one of my ideal customer segments, I set up a linked in group and I post regularly on linked in and tag my post so that they can find it easily.  I also have plans to go to event/speak in and organize events that allow me reach my ideal customers.


  1. Create a value proposition and offer it to them: once you can reach your ideal customer, offer them something that they value in exchange for money! This is the purpose of this whole exercise. Make sure you are clear about the products and services you would offer them and how much you would charge. My suggestion is that you should give something to them for free before you try to get something from them.


  1. Get referrals from you existing customers who fit your ideal customer avatar: if you already have some ‘ideal customers’ ask them for referrals. I am sure they would know other people like themselves, who would enjoy your product and service. You can also offer them an incentive for referring someone to you. I would share more about building a referral system in future write ups.

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