It takes a decade to hit home run! Tinuola Oladeji’s testimonial

My journey with Tinu started when I sent an email to my email list asking how I could help their business. She immediately replied to say she needed help! Coincidentally, we had our inaugural group coaching session which I invited her to join. Tinu is one client that I have enjoyed working with because she brought fire and passion to the group.

She has built her business from nothing in the past decade to an 8 figure business, but it was costing her so much sweat and tears and she knew things needed to change. At our first meeting I diagnosed her business and realized she had built revenue but did not have the required business structure to support business growth and continuity.

I taught her about the 5s of business success and told her she had to immediately build structures around her business. I introduced her to a colleague who helped to set up operational and accounting structures. And today she has finally hit home run in her business. Here her story below:Tinuola Oladeji“My name is Tinuola Oladeji, creative director of TSmart Concepts, a fashion label in Nigeria.

 My business started  10 years ago with the drive to succeed against all odds. And I did drive the business from the scratch but at a point I realized we needed more than what we have operating  for us as regards structure, strategies e.t.c.  So I was stuck, frustrated and at that state of devastation, I received a mail from Tale asking ‘What can I do to help you in your Business?’, I jumped at it and that was the beginning of my journey to running ‘a great company’.

Tale told me about the 5s;

  • Strategy
  • Structure
  • System
  • Sales
  • Sustainability

We needed to work on all of these, she recommended that I speak to a business operations consultant which I did immediately.

We started our 5s journey with setting up healthy System, e.g  inventory  management, order processing, asset capturing  e.t.c. We became automated, this helped us to become more accurate in our dealings and faster in our operations.

Secondly, structure; we spelt out our duties and recruited personnel’s for vacant positions. Every member of the team became more aware of their responsibilities and obligations

Our organizational chart was re-arranged to suit our new level.

The greatest thing that happened to us after working on the structure is change of attitude of the team members, as they have become more responsible to the organization, work ethic and promptness.

We are currently working our marketing plan which in turn increase our sales and ensure our sustainability.

I am so glad I met Tale, my business coach of life.’

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