If there is a secret ingredient to business success, this is it👇

The genius thing we did is that we did not give up! JayZ, Award winning rapper and business man. Interview with Forbes.

Running a business can be quite hard especially in the early years where you seem to be working and not seeing a lot of results for all your efforts and I am sure several times, you feel like quitting! I have been there a million and one time! But every time I decide I am going to quit and give up, the dream inside of me, the passion to inspire people to overcome their limitations and create the business and life they love keeps boiling in my heart and it has made me keep going.

If there is a secret ingredient to business success, it is ‘Persistence’! It is the ability to keep on going against all odds, it is the willingness to keep your dream in front of you despite the challenges around you. As I was settling down to write this article, I randomly felt led to go to Linda Ikeji’s blog. This was unusual because I sincerely don’t usually read it, but when I read this story (What inspired I would rather be self made project), I immediately knew why I felt the leading. I found a kindred spirit in her as I read her ordeal from one failed business to another.

If you have listened to my audio recording: 10 P’s serious business owners should focus on, you would have heard that I also ran out of capital in one of my businesses and had to go back to paid employment for some time.

So if you are a business owner or intending owner, you need to know that business is like farming, you might spend a long time planting and cultivating before you actually see the first harvest, but don’t give up, persist and make sure you keep learning and growing along the way.

The great thing is: I am here to support you on this journey and that is why we have created a few courses and programs to guide you along the way to create the business and life you love.

Please check out: Accelerate boot camp which re-opens on the 10th of September for people who have been in business for 2 years or more. Or the Quick start business worksheet for people who want to start a business or are in the startup phase. We are also working behind the scene to create more helpful resources and partner with organizations who can make it available to as many SME’s as possible.

I want to ensure that your journey is as easy as possible and I hope I can be your coach and guide on this path.

On a lighter note, that is why we keep sending you emails! We are persisting to ensure that we continue to give you the information and resources to create the business and life you love. So please KEEP OPENING YOUR EMAIL(and join our mailing list if you have not) and don’t unsubscribe. But if you do, I understand and respect your choice.

You can create the business and life that you love, PERSIST!

Yours in love and service to your business,

‘Tale Alimi

Lead coach& Consultant

Salestar Africa


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