How to stay motivated in business

I wrote a long email to some members of my tribe on how to stay motivated in business because of a question I was asked in our group coaching session on Saturday and guess what? I had a network fluctuation and the email was deleted!

It was all about the 7 ways I stay motivated in business and it included things like praying, having faith, setting goals, reviewing my goals, Saying regular affirmations, adjusting with current realities, having a to-do list and getting accountability.

I even quoted some articles I read on Forbes, Entrepreneur and Huffington post. But alas it was all wiped off!!

Then I realized this is the real way you stay motivated:

  • You get back up and keep going or do it again!

  • You just do it!

  • Don’t overthink it, cry if you need to but don’t get emotional about it.

  • Just keep going one step at a time and

  • Learn from the last mistake you made. So I learnt my lesson after that experience and copied the email which formed the basis of this article!

Running a business is not easy! We need to keep our eye on our ‘WHY’. Why are you doing it? Why did you start this business in the first place? Why do you want it to become successful?

I want us to work together to remain accountable and motivated as we build our business to the success we desire. A new Group coaching session is starting in Q2 and registration is now open. You can see details and register HERE

Why should you participate? Because we all need accountability and positive peer pressure from people who are going on a similar journey so we can learn and grow together. I would be so glad if you sign up.

Also, if you have been in business for up to 2 years and your business really needs to go to the next level of growth in systems, structure, process and profit; I invite you to participate in Accelerate business growth boot camp. This is the link HERE. I would like to guide you in taking your business to the level you truly desire.

There is always something you can do even if you feel stuck. Even if you can’t see far ahead, take the next step and you would be closer to where you need to go.

Stay motivated!

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