After a sales strategy session where we had segmented our target industry with my sales team members, I created a competition where I asked of them to reach or get the contacts of a certain number of decision makers during the holiday season. The idea was so that we could start the New Year with a good sales funnel of quality prospects that would most likely become customers. I also took this challenge seriously and set about getting the contact of a certain MD in the Aviation industry.

The next step was how I was going to reach him and what I would do to get his attention to give me the required audience to enable me introduce my product to him. I came up with a winning reach strategy and got in touch with him suffice to say; we got a lucrative contract from his company at the end of the sales cycle. So what did I do to get his attention? Here are a few tips:

  1. Identify who you need to meet and how you would get their contact: the first and most important part of any sales process is the planning stage. This is when you Map out who the key decision maker in an organization is and how you would reach them. Some ways to identify the decision maker is by visiting their company website, or typing their company information on Linked in. You could also look for a contact in the company and ask them to give you a referral.
  1. Decide how you would approach them: once you have found out who the person is, you need to decide how you would approach them. You can use the direct marketing approach by calling them or visiting them directly or you can decide to reach them via email. If you can get prior information about their preference, it would give you an edge.
  1. Decide what value you would add or problem you would solve for them: A key decision maker is most likely a busy person who is tuned in to ‘WIFM’. He wants to know ‘What’s in it for Me’, so you have to be solution oriented with you approach. When I approached the decision make in the example above, I made it clear that I wanted to speak to him about a product that would save him X amount of money. That got him interested.
  1. Approach them with applause: people want to be treated with respect and celebrated for their accomplishments, so always approach people with an honest applause. A sincere way to do this is check the person’s accomplishments out by searching for them on Google or looking at their profile on Linked in. A genuine applause would soften the ground and help to build rapport.
  1. Demonstrate your credibility: immediately you have their attention, demonstrate your personal credibility and that of your Organization by providing an introduction about who you are and your brief history. This would put them at ease that they are dealing with credible people.
  1. Listen and keep listening: spend your time around them listening. You have the opportunity to get a deeper insight into their problems and needs by listening attentively. This would enable you come up with a strong value proposition that would attract his attention.
  1. Demonstrate your expertise and then ask for the sale: After you have perfectly understood the challenge/problem that needs to be solved, demonstrate your expertise in solving the problem. Show how your organization has solved a similar problem and the solution that was achieved. This is also a good time to showcase the type of service and support they would get from your company, and then ask for the sale! This is the whole point of the exercise in the first place.


How have you gotten the attention of decision makers? What methods have you used that have gotten you results? I would really like to hear from you.


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