From 8 -5 to Fashion Mogul! Bola’s testimonial

From 8 -5 to Fashion Mogul- Bola’s Testimonial

‘Tale I have finally quit my job Bola announced on a call a couple of weeks ago. I shouted hallelujah, said congratulations to her and danced Azonto in my mind (lol!) because I was happy she finally had the courage and resources to do what she always wanted to do. It didn’t just happen though, the decision was made a few months ago and we developed an action plan to make it happen.

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I met Bola in March 2014 when she attended a training program similar to Accelerate. At that time, she was running her fashion business part time from home and working a day job in a Telecommunication’s Company. I was attracted by her drive and willingness to implement everything she was learning. By the end of the program, I knew she was on to something amazing.

Fast-forward about 18 months later, Bola joined my group coaching and Master mind and in the last 3 months her business revenues have doubled, her income streams have multiplied and she has finally been able to say good bye to her 8-5 job to focus on her amazing future as a Fashion Mogul at the helm of Bosh couture.

Hear the story from her:Bola ramos pix3

“My first encounter with Tale was in March 2014 when I attended the FMA Business training. Prior to that time,i was running my fashion business from home and trying my hands on every aspect of fashion and serving all sorts of clients that came my way.

Business was growing and I eventually got a place outside my home for expansion. It was at this point a friend introduced me to the  program. I must confess it’s one of the best decisions I have made in my fashion business journey. It immediately opened my eyes to many things I was doing wrongly and opened my mind to being focused  and better ways of running the business that led to  huge cost cutting, brand building and awareness, putting the right structure in place and tremendous increase in margins.

The 1st quarter of 2015 was quite challenging due to political activities and also the fuel scarcity crisis that sky-rocketed our operational cost. In June 2015, we had to downsize and  I wasn’t really happy with the way things were going. I knew I needed help but didn’t know who turn to until I got the ‘Salesstar group coaching email’. I immediately jumped at the mastermind coaching session because I knew it would be an opportunity to work closely with Tale again and also other people that have business challenges and seriously needed to forge ahead.

The first class about goal setting immediately put me back on track and surprisingly, i was able to identify things i needed to do to end 2015 strong! I was held accountable for the goals I set from the first class and Tale also provided me with the support and contacts I needed to meet the rest of my goals. I achieved a 50% increase in sales by the end of the second session.

I feel very good about launching into 2016 and  I was also able to quit my 8am-5pm job because I realized I could pay myself and build my dreams if I focus on my fashion business.

I will definitely subscribe to the one-on -one strategic session for CEO’s with Tale and also recommend her programs and services to any business or intending business persons that wants to succeed.”

I am so proud of Bola because she was willing to do the work from day one and the results are speaking today.

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By the way, the greatest investment you can ever make is an investment in yourself! If you don’t bet on yourself, who would?


*Update: Salestar has now transitioned to become ‘Tale Alimi Global’

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