From 6digits to 7 digits in 3 months! Akinwale’s Accelerate testimonial

AKINWALE’S ACCELERATE TESTIMONIAL- From 6 digits to 7 digits in 3 months!

I knew Accelerate boot camp got results, but I always encourage the participants to have realistic expectations and do the work required to create the business and life they truly desire. You could imagine my shock when I asked Akinwale Isaiah of Forteville construction(Now Actual 3G Construction) who was a participant of our inaugural Accelerate program in September for his testimonial.

He told me in summary that he had doubled his client base because of the Marketing& Sales plan we developed and he had grown his revenues from 6digits to 7 digits in 3 months. I jumped for joy because that is the real reason I created the boot camp; to help business owners go from ordinary to extra-ordinary and seeing it actually happen makes me laugh and cry at the same time! The truth is it also happened because Akinwale was willing to do the work and is actively implementing what he has learnt

Hear it from his own mouth:accelerate

  1. Through the assignments I was able to put together my goals and gather all resources and information that  that will guide my business long and short term goals

  2. Many entrepreneurs are busy at many things but through the accelerate booth camp you will be busy at the necessary things at the phase and cycle your business is.

  3. The camp has helped me within 3months double my revenue at just simple applying the practical assignment to my existing business

  4. The camp will set the ground for your business to have a step by step guide to scaling to the next level.

  5. It is the first ever of its kind that I know will enable you to actual get on working on your business and developing an actual blue print for your business, all aspect you need to work on for your business is what the booth camp has done for me.

.Today I have set out the phases for the next 3years in my business and each month each day I am working towards them despite the challenges and setbacks in the country.

Now it is your turn! Your business can move to the next level if you take the right step today and Accelerate is a great next step to achieve this. Learn more about it and register HERE

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