I am tired of hearing; ‘their service is so poor’. But as I think about it further, I see an opportunity for smart business owners and sales professionals to distinguish themselves from the park and offer exceptional service experience. Here are few ways you can do that:

  1. Start with the end in mind: How would you like your customers to feel after the have used your products or experienced your service? Always think through that process and create your service experience to make them feel that way. For example, if you have a salon and want your customers to feel pampered at the end of their visit, create your experience to offer refreshment, magazine and other little treats that would aid in creating that feeling at the end of the visit.

Exceed expectations

  1. Deliver consistent value: another very important thing is make sure you offer consistent value. If you decide to serve coffee or tea when your customers visit, make sure it is a consistent experience. What this means is make sure you can deliver on your promise before you even start the process. Think through the financial implication and make sure you have enough human resources to deliver on it.

Excellent customer service

  1. Always offer them more: think about what else your customers would need to make the service experience exceptional. Using the salon example, if they come to  make their hair, can you also offer them additional service and get someone to also do their nails? Or can you offer them some form of loyalty package to ensure they get rewarded for their consistency?  Build out your sales funnel to have different product and service levels. Always think about how you can offer your customers more and you would keep wowing them.

When you offer exceptional service, your customers become raving fans and you will get their referrals and loyalty.

I would be teaching all these amazing concepts and much more at the signature selling and social media marketing master class

Date: Saturday 13th of February  

Time: 11.30am to 3.30pm

Venue: Terrakulture reading room, VI Lagos.

Price: Early bird registration-N15,000 on till Thursday 4th February. Regular Registration-N20, 000 and closes Thursday 11th February. This covers lunch and e-certificate.

To register email your Full Name and phone number to or use the cart below. 


Facilitators: The training facilitators are:

Profile picture resized Salestar’s Lead coach& Consultant; ‘Tale Alimi who has over 8 years experience leading and building successful sales teams and growing 8 to 9 figure businesses and

Genevieve CraigGenevieve Craig a renowned social media expert who has led hundreds of social media marketing campaign with her team most recent of her campaigns was for one of Africa’s biggest concerts that attracted over 400,000 people.

Signature selling& Social media marketing master class
One day sales and social media marketing class
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