Are you a dreamer?


I am dreamer! I have always dreamt about the most incredible things and amazingly, some of them have come to pass.

One of my dreams many years ago was to make my first bulk million (not a salary in millions for a year). I did not know how it was going to happen, but I held the thought in my heart for a long time until I was watching Mnet on DSTV almost 10 years ago and I saw the ‘deal or no deal’ show was coming to Nigeria. I was instantly inspired! I told myself I wanted to be on that show.

I decided I was going to apply and do whatever was required to get on the show. After a few intense interviews I was shortlisted to be the first ever participant on the show! Needless to say I won about 2 million naira that day! That’s when I really started believing that dreams could come true.

I also dreamt of starting several businesses and earning several millions, I have started a few, some succeeded and others did not and yes, I have earned several millions from the ones that did.

I have also learnt what it takes to build a successful business and I want to work PERSONALLY with a few people to show them how.(if you want to know more about me, click here) I am open to working with 10 people in these two categories:

1. You want to make the first million in your new or existing business

2. You have been in business for over two years and want to scale your earnings to multiple 6 or 7 figures.

I want to coach you for one month and cut through all the activity and blur to show you and guide you on exactly what needs to be done to earn your first million or multiple 6 or 7 figures. Now this opportunity is for only serious minded business owners and fellow dreamers who are willing to do the work.

I am a limited resource, and Salestar Africa has other programs, so I can only work with 10 people for now. I would make consideration on a first come or apply basis. Once we get the 10 people, we would put the rest on a waiting list in case I decide to do it again in future so please apply quickly. APPLY HERE NOW

Please take note that this would cost you a small investment of N50,000($250), because I am going to stake my time, network and resources to ensure that we achieve the goal of scaling your business. If you are ready to make your business dreams come true, APPLY HERE

If you can’t afford it for now, I understand and that’s why we created the Accelerate boot camp for business owners who have been in business for over two years and want to take their business to the next level. The boot camp cost N20, 000($100) with email feedback or N30, 000($150) with phone feedback. We even have a 5% early bird discount valid till August 24th.

You can pay in two installments and we are also offering a scholarship for those who want to participate but can’t fully afford it. You can simply sent an email to with the heading ‘SCHOLARSHIP’ before 24th of August as the scholarship would close on the 24th and the selected people would be informed on the 25t of August. If this is more like it, REGISTER HERE 

If this is also not what you need, please stay tuned, we have other programs, resources and courses coming soon. Make sure you keep opening our emails(join our mailing list if you have not) and you would get the information when they launch.

I am committed to helping you build the business and life of your dreams, so DREAM and take the steps to make it happen!

Yours in love and service to your business

‘Tale Alimi

Lead Coach/Consultant

Salestar Africa

An Imprint of En-reach Limited

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