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Tale Alimi is the Lead coach& consultant of Salestar Africa. As a business igniter, her mission is to teach and ignite business owners and professionals to achieve their highest revenue potential.

She has over 8 years corporate experience in sales and business development and over 13 years experience working in corporate Nigeria in Telecoms, consulting and information technology. She is considered a mentor and coach to members of the sales team she has led and managed.

Speaking for businessday

Speaking at Businessday newspapers SME Market access event.

She has to her credit leading and managing an American startup that grew from being unknown to becoming recognized by top organizations in the country. She led the sales team of an outsourcing business to grow client base from 7 to 50 in 1 year. She recently managed the sales team in a foremost IT Company and grew the business revenues by 300%. She practices what she teaches. She is considered a small business expert by publications like Sun Newspaper (read here) and a trusted business advisor and coach to some of the fasted growing SME’s.

She considers her life’s assignment to empower people to overcome limitations and unleash their highest potential.


Recommendations for ‘Tale

Tale is a dependable Sales Manager with her endless bouquet of contacts in all fields not forgetting her excellent Client relationship which cuts across mid-level and high-level management.
A veteran in anticipatory marketing, excellent negotiator, astute conversationalist and a prudent forecaster. Her research skills and online presence is quite outstanding
In words of famous Sales Consultant Okey Umeh
“……………you helped me with my marketing challenge before and did a wonderful job assisting me. So here i hope you have time to help me again”
Many thanks for your superb assistance……..much much appreciated. Honestly speaking, without your support I may possibly have given up. Okechukwu Umeh, Concept Nova

Working with Tale has been awesome because she’s been a fantastic leader and a great tutor who impacted so much knowledge and ethics into me.
She is a go-getter, very enthusiastic, open minded, a confidant, very resilient, flexible, smart, intelligent and considerate. She was always ready to give me the push I needed to move me to the next level. Tale is someone who puts her interest last. She keeps striving even in the face of fears.
She’s an individual with so much integrity and respect for all. She stands up against injustice.
She is a great team leader and a team player, and has always given me the room to express myself. She was like a mother-hen to our team and the company at large and she’ll always be my mentor in the world of sales. Patience Emmanuel, Medical professional

Bamitale has the heart and spirit of an Entrepreneur. She is a make it happen person that doesn’t loose sight of the BIG picture. She is self motivated and possesses the kind of courage you don’t find over the shelf. Visionaire Extraodinaire!.. Her businesses will make it to the top 20 successful businesses by 2015… yes I said so… Oladipo Olasemo, Chief technical officer, Synkron Solutions limited


If your sales team or business needs to be ignited, you can invite her to speak/train/coach or create a system that works. Email tale at or or fill the enquiry form. [contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"] 

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