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Salestar Africa is an imprint of En-reach limited. We are a business growth and development organization based in Lagos, Nigeria and consider ourselves revenue igniters.

We  Provide sales and business growth training, consulting and coaching for professionals and business owners to equip them with the skills to achieve their highest revenue potential

Who is behind salestaronline?

We are dedicated to helping you achieve your highest revenue potential so that you can live the life of your dreams.

We provide insight, products and services that would guide you to create sustainable and proven income streams. We provide courses and resources to help  you start a new business online or offline, grow your existing business and maximize online resources to generate more revenue. We also coach Sales professionals to use online and offline tools to grow their  revenues and increase their sales

Our Trainings are driven by the Salestar Academy where we offer specialized training for business owners and professionals. Check out our Quick start business worksheet to help you start the business of your dreams. Also check out Accelerate business growth boot camp to guide you in taking your business to the next level.

We offer Business coaching for business owners and professionals to work with them to develop and execute the strategies for their business and professional career growth.

Our Blog has article insights for business owners and professionals on:

  • Defining your dream customer avatar

  • Attracting your dream customers

  • Converting first time customers to lifetime fans

  • Turning your customers and fans into willing sales people

  • Setting up a referral machine and generating solid leads.

  • We share tips to improve your selling skills and emotional appeal to customers.

We deepen your knowledge and teach you the secrets of the top 10% who earn amazing income and live their dream lives.

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