I had a coaching session with my client this morning, so I got dressed in my new ‘work uniform’ which consists of a nice pair of skinny jeans and a fitted tee-shirt. I smiled as I look back almost a year ago when my work outfits consisted of smart suits, dresses and pants which were required for my job as the Head of a sales team in a technology company. It suddenly dawned on me that I am finally living the long desired dream of being a lifestyle entrepreneur!

If this is the first time you are hearing the term ‘lifestyle entrepreneur’, it simply means an entrepreneur who builds their business around their life, not their life around their business. When I was searching for what I really wanted to do, I had not come across this term. I just knew that my number one desire was freedom. I wanted to be able to work from anywhere in the world at my own time. It was not about working less hours for me as I am a bit of a workaholic; it was about working on my own terms. I started to explore how this was possible and what tools I could use to make it possible and I discovered I always had an ally in technology.

Whilst I am still at the early stages of this journey and loving every minute, I am learning more ways and tools to make it possible and more profitable. I have already begun to enjoy some benefits and here are 5 benefits of being a lifestyle entrepreneur.

  1. Location independence: this is one benefit I cherish the most especially because I really like to travel, but I would also like to keep working as much as possible even when I am not in my home country. I enjoyed the benefit of this recently when I was away in the UK for my coaching training. I had my coaching session via phone using data call and it was fantastic. I really enjoyed the freedom and ability to add value to my clients without staying in one location.


  1. Work at your own pace: I am a morning person and I wake up most morning with a lot of sunshine and start working as soon as I can. My best times to create are usually from 6am to 12noon. Most jobs are 8am to 5pm and you have to show up and stay there till closing hour. I love the ability to work at my own pace and utilize my best hours to create immense value for my clients. I sometimes work from 7am to 7pm with short breaks in between, but I love that I am able to choose how I work or choose not to work when I need a break.


  1. Freedom to express your creativity: I am always dreaming of something new that I can create or do, that would add value to people in general. Sometimes my ideas are great, but sometimes they fall flat. However I enjoy the freedom to create and test new things without repercussions or restrictions. Of course I don’t just waste resources or throw money at things which is one thing I advise my clients not to do. When I have a new idea, I spend time researching it and test it on a small scale to see how it works.


  1. Opportunity to reach more people: I am able to leverage the internet and social media to inspire and motivate more people which are what I have always desired to do. In the last few years, I have organized and spoken at events with audiences from 200 to 2,000 people. This meant I had to travel to various states in the country to make it happen. Now I can reach as many aspiring and established business owners using various online platforms without leaving my location.


  1. Ability to serve clients in various geographic locations: I would never have believed that you can work with clients you have not met until I became a lifestyle entrepreneur. I always thought people had to see you for you to build trust and add value to them. It’s interesting that today, I have not met over 80% of my clients who are at various geographical locations and I am able to serve them using technology.

I had to share this because I searched for it a long time before I found out it was possible and if you are like me; restless and wanting to live life on your own terms, you might consider lifestyle entrepreneurship. Are you currently living and creating the life you truly desire? TAKE THIS FREE ASSESSMENT

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