3 keys to succeed in the sales jungle

Everyone is selling something! This is the statement I made to my sister in-law when she said she did not really like selling. Even if you don’t have a career in sales, I bet you are selling your ideas to your bosses and colleagues, selling your affection to your spouse or love interest, selling your philosophy to your followers or fans. The bottom line is; we are all selling whether we are conscious of it or not. It is a selling jungle and only the prepared succeed.

Here are three keys for success:

  1. Timing is everything: in selling, timing is everything and you know you have hit jackpot when you meet a prospect who is seeking the product or service you offer and is willing to pay the price you want. Now these are rare occurrences, but when you know how to work timing to your favor and build a solid sales funnel that moves people from prospecting to prepare so they are ready to buy, you are most likely going to close more sales. The ability to create an effective sales system that spots prospects that are ready is very important.


  1. Listening is your arsenal: most sales people are trained to speak and make pitches so they can convince customers and close the sale. I have found out from experience that listening is a more powerful skill than speaking when it comes to selling. When you listen properly, you can hear what the prospect is saying and what they are not saying. You can read their body language and see if they are ready to make a purchase or have an objection that needs to be addressed. Sometimes by listening closely, you might realize that the product you want to sell is not what your prospect needs or that they want a different product or service that might bring you an even bigger sale.


  1. Persistence is your ally: persistence is one of the most important characteristics a sales person must possess. Some schools of thought say it takes up to six encounters with a customer before they make a decision to purchase from you. Of course this process can be shortened if there have been other ways the prospect has encountered your company, brand or product type. Persistence doesn’t mean calling and pestering your prospect to make the purchase, it should be a systematic approach to move them towards making a decision by providing helpful information and building rapport. I have heard a few stories when the customer admitted to have purchased because of the persistence of the sales personnel.


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